1. White Snoop Dogg is terrifying

  2. Cute bralet, found on Pinterest

  3. Cute white dress - another Pinterest find

  4. Cute Autumn outfit, taken from Pinterest :)

  7. Happy little Pomeranian 😍

  8. runwaydoll:

    Gisele Bundchen for Vogue 2006 by Nick Knight

  9. I want this cake!

    (Source: mein-buntes-chaos)

  10. feministcorna:

    So don’t tell us to smile. Don’t tell us we should be flattered. Our whole purpose in life is not to be something pretty for you to look at. And if we do put extra effort into our appearances or if we decide that we love our bodies and want to show it off, that doesn’t mean that we want to be touched. Not if we don’t say so. No it doesn’t feel good. No we don’t like it. Our whole purpose in life isn’t to be a fun toy for you to play with whenever you want. Just because you have an opinion of us, it doesn’t mean we want to hear it. It doesn’t mean we have to listen. Our whole purpose in life isn’t to take direction from you. We don’t need your permission, we don’t need your approval, we don’t need your advice. You’re not the curator of our lives so stop treating us like some objects in a museum.